Fellowships are half year-to-year-long projects where curators, writers, or academics take on multifaceted projects that produce exhibitions, programming, or publications.


Collage in Motion

In June 2022, we announced that Laurie O’Brien had been awarded a Fellowship focused on Collage In Motion.

During the Fellowship, O’Brien will undertake a number of projects that develop and deepen our understanding of Collage in Motion, an evolving category of contemporary art. “Collage in Motion is a shared aesthetic of using found (still) images as material (as opposed to moving or hand-drawn images) to create films both short or long,” writes O’Brien. “Many of the included artists use the term collage to describe their motion work. The artists make work that is shown in experimental and animation film festivals, in galleries and museums, in the commercial realm designing short motion work for brands and for social media.” Throughout the Fellowship, O’Brien will work to redefine our understanding of the medium.


Latin American Collage

From January to June 2020, Lima, Peru-based Enrique “Kike” Congrains reported on collage in Latin America. Taking a country to country view of the region, Congrains investigated the history of collage, profiled contemporary artists, and reported on collectives, events, and galleries. Kolaj Institute is also working with Congrains to publish a book of his Canson City collages and stories.