Kolaj Institute’s Collage in Motion Directory is a tool for organizing and cataloguing artists who work in the medium of motion collage. Its audience includes the general public as well as independent curators, art venues, and writers.

As part of her role as the 2022 Kolaj Institute Collage in Motion Fellow, Laurie O’Brien is curating this online Directory.

The mission of the Directory is to create more visibility, community, and historical understanding of the medium, and to create a future traveling program of screenings and opportunities. We hope to inspire more still image collage artists to explore motion in their work and that we find each other in an increasingly digital world.

Collage in Motion is a shared aesthetic of using found (still) images as material (as opposed to moving or hand-drawn images) to create films both short or long. Many of the included artists use the term collage to describe their work.