Debora van der Vliet

The pace (still-image)
photos and film; 2009

Debora van der Vliet

Doorwerth, Gelderland, Netherlands


Currently, my work mainly focuses on the theme of non-duality: the interconnectedness of everything that depends on the non-duality, and the unique wholeness of existence which suggests that the personal self is an illusion.

In my work, I try to find a design in which this interconnectedness becomes visible. There is a constant flow with no beginning or end, where everything that exists arises in dependence on other existences. In actuality the real non-dual cannot be captured in either images or words, but this endless search to find clarity in interpretation is part of my worldview.

Collage is particularly suitable for this, because the paper guides me to its shape more than I direct it. It draws its own plan. I often start by collecting different textures and colors that appeal to me in the moment, cut out shapes, draw over them or draw entire sheets full of ink and cut into this. There is a constant back and forth movement in my process, to supplement and replan the image at that moment if it threatens to lose its flow.

Like people, the paper tells a story first, before I transform it to make another story. The stories we tell ourselves as humans are often subjective collections of past experiences from which we create our own personal myth in life. By realizing that this is not the truth, but instead our own subjective truth, I rediscover my own sense of freedom.


Debora van der Vliet is an artist and designer who lives and works in Amsterdam. She creates painterly collages in which a dance between form and formlessness takes place. Van der Vliet studied Image and Media Technology at School of the Arts Utrecht, where she focused mainly on making video art in which her love for layered imaging already played a major role. This layering is reflected in her current work,

Her work has been shown in several galleries in the Netherlands.



Examples of Collage in Motion

The pace

The pace
photos and film; 1.37 minutes; 2009

I wanted to do something with the industrial character of Rotterdam city and it’s struggle with nature. A search for the balance between these two opposites. MORE INFO