About Kolaj Institute

What is Kolaj Institute?

The mission of Kolaj Institute is to support artists, curators, and writers who seek to study, document, & disseminate ideas that deepen our understanding of collage as a medium, a genre, a community, and a 21st century movement. We operate a number of initiatives meant to bring together community, investigate critical issues, and raise collage’s standing in the art world.

Kolaj Institute is a 501c3 Non-profit organization registered in the State of Louisiana, USA.

Who is Kolaj Institute?

Kolaj Institute works in partnership with Kolaj Magazine to communicate, market, promote, publish, and distribute the work of the Institute. Kolaj Institute is the recipient of Kolaj Magazine‘s archives and collections.

Christopher Dylan Kurts, Coordinator (email)
Ric Kasini Kadour, Editor, Kolaj Magazine (email)
Christopher Byrne, Associate Editor, Kolaj Magazine (email)

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Where is Kolaj Institute?

Kolaj Institute is decentralized and works in partnership with a number of art venues and other organizations to manifest its programs. If you are interested in hosting a program or partnering with us, send an email.

How do you learn more?

We appreciate your interest. Use the web form below to sign-up to get up-to-date information from Kolaj Institute.