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We offer two levels: Silver Scissors Society & Golden Glue Society.

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Kolaj Fest New Orleans 2024 Program Book

Kolaj Fest New Orleans 2024 Program Book is a document of all things related to Kolaj Fest. In these pages, you will find a schedule and descriptions of sessions, bios and website information for artists and presenters, and descriptions of evening events and special workshops. Check it out to see the sort of events that take place.

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Members of the Silver Scissors & Golden Glue Societies support residencies, fellowships, publications, and traveling programs while receiving a piece of the collage community to their mailbox each month.

We offer two levels: Silver Scissors Society & Golden Glue Society. You can use the form on the right to sign up.

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Past Items


2024 World Collage Day Special Edition

In honor of World Collage Day, 11 May 2024, Kolaj Magazine is releasing a special edition of the magazine. The Special Edition is full of Cut-Out Pages and stories from inspiring collage artists.The printed magazine also includes an interview with 2024 World Collage Day Poster Artist Ali AlShaikh.

Those who purchase the Special Edition before 11 May 2024 will also receive a World Collage Day 2024 poster and a set of World Collage Day postcards designed by the poster artist.


Collage Street Art: New Orleans

What happens when you take collage to where the people are? Kolaj Street Krewe is an international group of artists exploring the role of collage in street art as a practice and phenomenon since 2018. In June 2023, a dozen artists gathered in New Orleans for a week-long, in-person artist residency. This zine is a document of what they made.

Featured artists include: Meghan Larimer (Brooklyn, New York, USA), Aisha Shillingford (Brooklyn, New York, USA), Erica Bryant (Rochester, New York, USA), Kristina Corre (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), Yazmin “Yazz” Atmore (Denver, Colorado, USA), LaVonna Varnado-Brown (Kenner, Louisiana, USA), William Wallace III (Columbia, Missouri, USA), Melissa Sutherland Moss (Brooklyn, New York, USA), Re Howse (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA), Madeline Sorel (Brooklyn, New York, USA), FANCLUB13 (Clearwater, Florida, USA), and Rosie Schinners (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada).


Kolaj 39

In the issue Editorial, “To Take Joy in the Joy of Others,” Ric Kasini Kadour asks how does one stay optimistic “in the face of a world that is increasingly divisive and at odds with itself. How do we stay positive and move forward when the world feels like it’s turning into a steaming pile of ….?” Helen Hartmann profiles Dutch Artist Anna van der Putte in “Cherishing the Beauty of Ephemeral Objects.” van der Putte’s assemblage, Yellow Stare Down, is on the cover. In “Migrating Forces,” Steve Bridgeman writes about how Charulata Prasada uses collage to explore culture, gender, and self. “Preservation Stations” reports on how Mark Vargo won a grant to make a series of collage-themed public sculptures that celebrate wildlife in Northern California. “My House Too” reports on how Danielle Cole is using collage to engage youth with history. Madeline Sorel shares her experience of the Kolaj Street Krewe Residency in New Orleans in “I Came for the Street Art, I Found a Community”. Anna Innocenti reflects on “the extraordinary impact of an artist residency” in “Evolving Collage Practice”. We review The Comfort of Crows, a new book by The New York Times contributor Margaret Renkl, illustrated by collagist Billy Renkl. In “Where Words Cannot,” Elizabeth Hazard considers S. Korey Steckle’s self expression through collage. Through artist portfolios, we journey to California, Iowa, Oregon, Virginia and Spain. We hope each issue of Kolaj Magazine takes you someplace you’ve never been.


30 Faces Risograph Zine

At Kolaj Fest New Orleans 2023, Lisa Wicka and David Wischer led a workshop where artists made an Exquisite Face collage using a template of a face that shows the placement of eyes, nose, and mouth. Wischer turned these letter-sized collages into a Risograph-printed zine.

Assistant Professor of Digital and Print Media at the University of Kentucky, Wischer’s artwork is influenced by his personal daily observations of The Absurd. “Social media, digital communication, television, current events, and technology are a constant source of inspiration for me. Much of my artwork is built around appropriated or found images which may be familiar to the viewer. This recognition becomes the set-up to my visual punch line. The laws of visual art are much like the laws of literature. Through our own experiences in life, we understand certain conventional constructions of images. The changes I make in imagery, through collage and drawing, propel the absurdity of an original subject into the area of nonsense by breaching those syntactic rules.”

The 36-page zine includes an insert with a reproduction of the faces and guide to the artists who made them. 30 Faces is a great example of how the international collage community comes together to create artwork and uses publishing to put art into the world in easily accessible formats, like zines.

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