Kolaj Institute operates directories that gather information about collage artists, projects, and communities.

Artist Directory

Kolaj Magazine‘s Artist Directory is a tool for organizing and cataloguing artists who work in the medium of collage. Its audience includes the general public as well as independent curators, art venues, and writers.

The editorial staff of Kolaj Magazine uses the Artist Directory to select artists to feature in the publication and to select artists for various curatorial projects.

The Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory is the primary online gateway of the Kolaj Institute Artist Archive and is used to organize online information about artist members.

We offer members an option for an Artist Advertisement in the printed magazine.

The Artist Directory exists as a public resource for those interested in collage as a medium and is designed to put interested parties in direct contact with artists.

Collage Books

Collage Books takes an inclusive approach to documenting collage-related publishing efforts and is open to trade editions, ‘zines, artist books, catalogues, and literary endeavors. The online site contains listings for all collage-related titles and, like the magazine, the site takes a broad view. Collage Books resulted in the October 2019 symposium on The Book as a Place of Collage at Volume 2 MTL and a publication.

So much of collage these days is experienced in printed, published form. Collage Books is Kolaj Magazine’s tool for organizing, documenting, and cataloguing books in which collage plays an important role. Our audience includes readers and collectors of collage books as well as curators, art venues, and writers.

The site contains listings for collage-related titles. We take a broad view of collage books and include trade editions, art criticism, coffee table books, ‘zines, artist books, catalogues, literary endeavors that feature collage. When possible, we link titles to reviews of books in the magazine and places where the book can be purchased.

In addition to current titles, we want to document historic titles about collage to reflect the role of publishing in the medium. Your support of this work is greatly appreciated. You can support this work in two ways: Send us an email to let us know about a title that you think is important and purchase a subscription to the printed magazine.

Collage Communities

Collage communities are collectives, meet-ups, ongoing collaborative projects, and groups whose focus and mission involves collage as a medium or genre in some way. The International Directory of Collage Communities is a survey of artist groups who come together around collage. The directory exists online as a searchable website. Kolaj Institute publishes a printed directory that features and highlights communities every few years. By documenting and mapping these communities, Kolaj Institute works to develop a picture of the collage movement: how collage artists are working together, how they are diffusing collage, and what challenges they face mobilizing an art community.

Collage in Motion Directory

Collage in Motion Directory is a tool for organizing and cataloging artists who work in the medium of motion collage. Its audience includes the general public as well as independent curators, art venues, and writers. The mission of the Directory is to create more visibility, community, and historical understanding of the medium, and to create a future traveling program of screenings and opportunities. We hope to inspire more still image collage artists to explore motion in their work and that we find each other in an increasingly digital world. Through Fall 2022, the directory will be curated by Collage in Motion Fellow Laurie O’Brien as a way to set the standard and provide historical context for the medium. The Directory has opened submissions for artists that want to be included after the Fellowship ends.